A glass of lukewarm water in the Morning

Ever since I started the habit of drinking a glass of lukewarm water in the morning, I have found immense improvement in my gut health.

For several years, I had been facing the issue of constipation. I did not even know that there is a term associated with my discomfort. I would face the issue very frequently. I would go to the toilet and sit there for a long long time. This eternal wait lasted from 15 minutes to even 40 minutes. It would feel the pain and the pressure, but the route would remain blocked. I had to apply a lot of force that would allow a 10% out. As a result, the remaining 90% would trouble me throughout the day.

When you don’t get the proper motion in the morning, your day is beset with challenges. Imagine, you are traveling or you are in the middle of a meeting and suddenly get the feeling to visit the loo. In such a scenario, you tell yourself to ignore the call somehow by telling the self, “Next time, when you are free“.

After a long day at work, your stomach is still not allowing you to think of anything else. It wants the problem to be sorted out first thing. So, again you go there and stay for long. You try your best. But, your best is not good enough to empty your bowel.

Many of us have faced this problem of Constipation. This is more common among white-collar workers like me. I did not pay heed to the issue much until I had reached a tipping point. 3 years ago, one day, I was feeling a kind of queer pain between my butts. The pain had started slowly. But, within a few hours, it had started to turn severe. The next day, when I went to the toilet, I found some blood as well in my stool. I was shocked. Gosh! What’s that?

But, the pain did not subside with the blood leak. As I set out to go to my office on my motorbike the next day, I found myself in severe pain and discomfort. It was just not feeling good enough to keep my butts on the motorbike seat. I somehow dragged myself on the seat. I reached the office somehow. The pain had turned into a queer pain. I felt like I had some kind of kindle between my butts and piercing me through. I tried to seat me at my desk. And I had reached the lowest point. I closed my eyes and cried, “Doctor”.

At the hospital, one of the senior doctors came to see me. After listening to my story, he immediately declared, “Pants down!”. I felt shy but replied back in positive action. He put the gloves in his hands and then moved them to the area where I was getting the pain. He parted them to have a better view. After a minute or two of investigation, he broke to me that that I was suffering from Piles.

Till then, I had only heard of it, not known. My superior at work used to tell this in a humorous way that those who savor an office chair for long hours are automatically gifted with some diseases. The issue of piles is one he would quote and give a smile.

He gave me some medicines and asked me to take them for 3 days. But, now I was fully aware that I have to do something about it. I then started to ponder over the issue. Indians when get fed up with modern treatment, think of the Ayurvedic System of treatment.

The ayurvedic system is not just a system of medicine but your whole lifestyle. When you want to cure your self, you need to start at the origin of the cause. So, you try to find the root cause and see if you can reverse the cause. I then googled a lot of stuff on the problem of Piles and discovered that Piles and The Problem of Constipation are correlated. Those who suffer from the problem of Consptiation will get the problem of piles one day. If Constipation is the beginning, then Piles is the end.

My dad used to face the issue of constipation. He tried many things before, he finally got rid of it. And the cure lay in a glass of warm water every morning soon after waking up. He had often told me to drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning. But, I had ignored his advice so far.

So, after I suffered from the problem of Piles, I wanted to give it a shot. I drink a glass of tepid warm water every morning. As soon as I get up in the morning, I go to my kitchen and make myself tepid warm water. I drink 2 glasses of warm water and then walk for 5 minutes. This allows my body to get warmed up to the nature’s call in no time.

The system of daily intake of tepid warm water in the early morning has now become a part of my circadian rhythm. I get the call and the full 100% is flushed out. And when I come out of my toilet these days, I have this broad smile on my face. When you have emptied your stomach of waste, it’s a feeling that you will enjoy throughout the day. You begin your day on a clean slate.

Drink a glass or two of tepid warm water. If you wish, you can add a dash of lemon juice or honey in it. Sometimes, drinking warm water gives you a nasty feeling. but, if you drink with a little honey or lemon juice, you will get the taste and this will make you OK.

Now, drinking a glass of warm water first thing in the morning has become a daily ritual. It has made my life so much better. I can move around with ease and comfort. I have also got rid of piles by this natural treatment. In fact, the water properties have impressed me so much that I drink a lot of water throughout the day. There are many benefits to drinking water. Keep yourself hydrated for regulating your body temperature.

I told you all this because you would need to have a clear gut along with a clean conscience to run a marathon. Imagine getting a call in the middle of your run and you have to find a place to go!! I am sure, you got what I want to say.

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