A mind hack for fitness: Measure what matters!

Motivating myself to go out for run ceases to be a challenging task after these 5 years. Infact, you give some spare time and you will soon see me putting on my shoes and hitting the tracks for running long distance. This is why I wait for the weekends to arrive when I run 10k, 21 k etc.

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But, was it easy as a beginner. What prompted me or what strategies I have found to arrive at my present state of mind and body where I simply love running and exercising. Let me put the caveat that it is not the result of knowledge alone! Had it been the case, every soul on earth would have been loving fitness and sports.

So, what it really takes?

I got inspired to post this after today’s run. I noticed that I was driven to complete my fifth km. I start my running from my doorstep and finish it at the door step.

But today, when I reached my doorstep, I was at 4.75 kms. These days, I am undergoing MAF training. This is about running slow to train my body to burn the fat for long distance.

I have kept a paper sheet. I not down just two parameters on the paper.

The pace of run &

The heart rate.

MAF running is about building your good Aerobic base. So, I need to check heart rate against the pace. The aim is to get the heart rate as slow as I can with reasonably fast pace.

So, how I was at 4.75 at my doorstep, I could not settle at 4.75 km. I needed to get to 5 km to make that eligible for recording on the paper sheet. And this is what pushed me to run another 250 mts further.

These days, my wife is also running. She has been erratic in her running routine. I asked her if she would be interested to get the tracker so that she could see what she is doing on a daily basis. But, she kept on dilly dallying.

This year on our anniversary, I decided to gift her a smart watch from Garmin. Initially, she objected and said that she may not use it. But, I was settled that the watch will see the progress for sure.

And here we are! She runs with me and runs as long as I do. And she is smashing the runs without even realizing that she is getting consistent.

So, what is the common factor here to take home?

Measuring what matters pushes the mind and the body to act upon the clear specific goals. Measuring allows the mind to see a clear goal with absolute clarity. The mind doesn’t have to get confused here.

Therefore, working with numbers on your fitness journey will push your limits. Document what you do on a daily basis and that will allow your mind to grow it further.

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