While I am idle, traveling, I am wondering.

Running is so much more than numbers defined.

It’s about the process. The thing that started out as a way to get consistent with my morning routine. So that I can bring my health in good shape. I found running convincing to me.

As I set my eyes and the legs to run 42k, I have come a long way. The thing has progressed from being a health measure to being a hobby.

And it’s bloody a great hobby!! It helps you grow in all walks of life. My work, my personal life and my vision for my future have seen a total shift in a direction of immense possibilities.

*First, work* : work is no more a monotony. The endorphin high that I get first thing in the morning sets me on fire. While driving to work, I feel raring to go with my day. Almost, the whole day priorities are played out in that half an hour drive.

So, when I am there at my desk, I know what to focus on… Like, am I running a 5k or 10k or 21k..and I move along the same attitude.  I stay calm, composed and energetic through out.

_My energy levels in the morning an dthe evening are found to be almost same._

My personal and social relationships: oh gosh!! This part you should know. I was so short tempered a guy.. Of late, since I have started running.. More precisely in the last 2 years, I am more in control of my emotions.

When some one double crosses, I know I need to keep my emotions in place. I know, when I am supposed to get defensive or offensive. Or just plain neutral… And these flow towards some kind of creative outcome… So, I would get irate to a level that others can take!!

I am not really upset with anyone.. I know the objectivity of the talks..

I can say, I am happy with myself and I fins that people are struggling with themselves.. This gives me a big gratitude attitude towards others….!!

And for personal vision : I am doing so much. I started this website. I am running towards getting it to 100 posts. Once that is done, I will edit them and rewrite them to get it more readable.

Post my running 42k, I will be helping others to learn a little more about running. Ans there is a whole series of things that I have laid out. Books, podcasts, talks etc.

My life is looking to be moving in a direction of light ans hope.

I am more in sync with the work, the people and my own self now than ever before.

Do you find the spill overs of running in your other areas of life.. What are they? Let us share with others in the comments below.

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