5 reasons why I love myself so much after running for 5 years.

It may seem like a universal fact that we all love ourselves. But, I can tell you from my own experience of living my life for over 40 years that I have hated, detested or even felt sorry sometimes for my self.

But, now I love myself. We all should and must love ourselves. Because self love is number 1 medicine and mantra for enjoying good health and longevity.

There are many people who are either struggling financially, emotionally or in relationships. And these struggles don’t let them to own their own selves so much. At some level they are disintegrated from their own selves.

So, let me tell you why and how I came to love myself so much that I can see clear impact of this self love in my life.


Our self love is a true testimony to the fact that we have matured in our emotions. The number one worry that most of us face is the opinions of others about our own selves. We keep bothering ourselves by asking this question, “would he/she accept/like me for how/what/who I am?”.

We generally cook a lot of stories, hide the facts and wish to keep our selves under the thick skin. Reason : we want to impress others and show them that we are good enough to be in their good books.

Buddy, as long as you are trying TO BE, you can never like yourself. Because you can’t be what you are and that doesn’t allow you to love yourself.

I have grown quite immune to others opinions about me. My mind is rather busy with better things.


I realize that we are all doing this. And we even accept it as a universal nature of humans. Even then we don’t refrain ourselves from acting or over acting smart.

And hey, I feel it as a novelty to just be plain and simple and be who you are. It is like a breath of fresh air while the world lives in notions.

The biggest secret that I have discovered is that no one is really bothered if you are not up to the mark. People are more bothered about themselves than you or me. They are superb busy with that.

There is no point telling fairy tale stories to the world when you can tell the world your real story which is far more interesting because real is always relatable. You will find people accepting you better when you are imperfect.


It is difficult as long as we are lost in discovering ourselves. And I was lost in the maze for soooo many years.

And the reason is that I believed in the others more then in my own. Others stories, others achieve megs, others definition of success and happiness, their attitude of perfection etc. But, I now realize that having your own genuine opinion is better than holding others in your head.

You will be much more at peace for accepting who, what and where you are. And PEACE is the ultimate soil to grow and stay healthy.

In my races, I look for my personal best(PB) . And I have now started to adapt the PB concept to all walks of my life. Always give your personal best and you will be amazed to see how much content you could be in life.


There was a time when I would be looking at arguments as a way to change others. And I realize that people will argue just to make their points and not to listen. So, may be or may be not!

When my intent is not to win, then why argue. The real victory is the change that I can bring in me and not in the world outside. May be the world would be a better place if one person misbehaved less.

While others don’t stop their arguments, I keep quiet and listen and more often than not, I have ended up with smiles. My smile is meant to honor my own conscious decision to be self caring!

This whole world could be much better if everyone understood that they need to improve more than the others. This would stop the unnecessary expectations from others. And would give chnace for better relationships.


I have understood that the best project that you will undertake is the SELF GROWTH project.

All that we are doing to achieve, impress, float stories about ourselves are simply the extensions of the intent to express that we are alive and kicking. But, the mistake that we do is we reach out to others to garland us and certify us for our achievements.

Till then we don’t consider ourselves a success. I have stopped doing that because I have understood that knowing my inner world is more important than knowing the world. And the best way to discover my own world is to work on my own self.

Look for an inner orientation in anything that you do and you will liberate yourselves from all the pitfalls that you may be afraid of!

Conclusion :

By running, I have understood more about my body, my mind and the inter-connect between the two. I realize that the biggest reason for my self hate was the disconnect of my own mind with body. And this disconnect caused a lot of disconnect between my inner world and the outer world.

Your runs should take you far into the journey of self discovery as it has taken me. Running is the time when I question my self and I discover the answers to the deeper enquiries about life and living.

How about you?

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