3 Tips to finding your fitness

When we know that a daily dose of exercise will bless us with good health, we are still unable to stay consistent with that.

I see a lot of people who have, “taking care of their health” as a new year resolution year after year. But, despite that they don’t seem to move beyond few weeks in staying consistent to their resolution.

Have you ever wondered about this phenomenon of constantly failing consistently?

I did. And I realize that finding answers to this question is crucial to enjoying good health in life.

Here are the tips that I can give you to stay consistent on your journey of fitness and find your fitness.

You can ofcourse count on the tips given below. They are the result of 5 years of consistent practice and action. So, these are not theories that I Google and doling it out to you.

1. Have a very specific goal

Having a clear goal is important to build consistency in your work out. So, what is it that you wish to achieve out of daily work outs?

You may say, I wanna lose weight. And if you thought like this, I am sorry mate, you won’t.

You gotta go further than this. You gotta ask yourself the next question: how much weight I wanna shed?

Find a specific number!

You must know your goal by a number. Not just a bubble of an idea.

2. Put a time line to your goal

How do you wish to achieve this goal? You may say, “I will exercise every day, eat well and healthy and take care of my well being”. Good intentions but I am sorry to say, these intentions won’t take you far!

You must tell yourself what’s your time line. Give your self an exact Dat by which you wish to accomplish your specific goal of losing weight by a number.

Time line helps you to remove the distractions and obstructions.

3. Set your plan of action

Once you have found a specific goal and clear on the time line, create a plan of action.

Your plan of action is tye most crucial part of your fitness journey. It’s the vehicle that you will move in from point  A to point B.

And creating a good workable plan that will take you from point A to point B is a very specialised work. Don’t leave it to your whims and fancies.  Hire an expert. It may cost you.

But so does the medicines and the consultations when you get sick or fall ill. Why should you treat getting healthier and fitter any lesser task.

Had it been in your hands and did not require the plan of action from an expert, you would have done it by now!

It might look easy but it’s not. It’s something like stock market. You know that you gotta to do just two things to make money – buy and sell! But there is a lot that goes between these two decisions!


So, whatever you do as a plan of action is crucial to your fitness. 

Of course, creating a workable plan for yourself to find your fitness can not be one size fits all. You need to factor in a lot of your personality, lifestyle, culture and the set of conditions that you are living in.

Therefore, it will be in your good interest if you can find consultation. Lots of people fail to focus on the third aspect of creating a good fitness plan.

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