Your morning lethargy and the sugar intake : 2 vital things to watch out for

2 things I wanna talk here :
2. Addiction to Sugar

Today, I got up at 7 am. When I woke up, my mind told me, “it’s cold. Every one is cuddled up. Just go back and sleep for some more time.”

I would have done it. I know that.

The morning lethargy is a constant sport spoiler. It never goes.

Despite this lethargy, I was able to step out of bed in minutes. I stepped into my running shoes and moved out.

This is the victory that I have found. The conquest over the mind.

Our mind will always seek the easy ways. It never wants to be in trouble. Anything that requires some kind of effort, the mind goes into resistance mood.

Running a marathon can be done by anyone. Yes, it’s possible to run on a day when thousands others are giving you company in broad day light.

You have amazing support system. You have the allocated time frame and it is more of a festivity than a grind.

But, waking up early morning is a struggle. It will stay forever. You need a power to overcome this every day.

This is why, I plan to run 1200 KM this year. I spread it evenly through out running 2 to 5 km every day.

This is how I have led to discipline and lead myself into the world of happiness and health.

Anything worthy would come to you when you have the command control system (your mind) working for you. Not, against you.

The second thing is about sugar intake. This is your biggest enemy to take on if you wish to get healthier.

All that fast food and the junk eaten on the road side stalls are about sugar dips. The tea, the samosa, the jalebi, the pizza, the soft drinks.

Sugar is addictive. You almost face the same kind of struggle that you face with your morning wake up call.

Not just because, you can’t give it up. You may but your social set up would make attempts to keep you addicted.

Where ever you go, you will be offered biscuits and tea. You will be feeling thirsty and if you see coke, you will pick it up. They are the most visible items on food racks.

Sugar should be studied. It is harmful and a cancerous material. It can lead to impairment in metabolism.

The diabetics are just a small category who should be away from sugar. Each of us, require to be cautious in our sugar intake.

Sugar intake is also termed empty calories. On the one hand, they build up your calories. But, on the other hand, they are not going to be useful or provide any nutritional value.

So, I believe, these two, are vital phenomena to be aware about for those waging a war against obesity in particular and illness in general.


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