YOU CAN BE A HERO, the Master of your fate, the captain of your soul.

When I woke up in the morning, the clock had turned 7:15 am. I hurriedly got out of bed.  I then opened the door of my room and the window and peeped outside.

A single look at the world outside made me sad. I felt sad for two reasons.

1. I had failed to wake up at 5 a.m. This is what I desire to be doing every day. Since I have read the book, the 5 AM Club, I have realized how crucial it is to be up and awake early in the morning.

So, I always try to get up early and get things done that I won’t get time during the later part of my day. And personal care of my body and mind is what I do in the early morning.

2. Secondly, It was 7:15am but the weather outside was still depressive. It was depressive because a morning runner expects to have a good weather to run.

And today, it was a chilly morning. There was dense fog all around. The visibility was infact less than a metre.


We all seem to get stuck up in situations like these. We dream of an ideal. But, the ideal seems to die before the dawn.

I was feeling guilty about myself. But, the milk had been spilled. Now, I could not go back in time and change the things that happened. I can’t!

When things seems to go wrong, we lose our momentum. We start to give away our power to be better.

But, my dear, I will tell you now about a power that we all have hidden inside of us. This power can turn the tables for you.

And this is called THE POWER OF CHOICE :

No matter how bad things are going, there is always some scope to change something. This is what I firmly believe in.

After cursing myself for a few minutes, I turned on my mind and silently told myself “shut up!”.

“you keep telling me all things that I am unable to do. I know I can’t be going back for today to get up at 5. I know I can’t go back in time. I know can’t have a retake.”

“But, you shut up telling me what I can’t set right. I am not going to regret over what I can’t change.”

I do this more often these days. When I feel stuck, I exercise self talk. I get into a conversation with the self. It helps.

So, the moment I confronted my accusing self, my negative self got silenced. It was caught doing the yapping.

I exercised the power of choice. I chose to reject the lousy thoughts. I chose to throw them down the drain.

And instead, I moved my mind to possibilities. I opened my mind book for the positive options that I could chose from.

If you have been a person who often get the negative ideas more, then, I suggest that you must keep a book on positive thoughts. There are many and I ll recommend few at the end of this post.

And use the positive actions book to select one of those thoughts.

Therefore, for today, I chose a wonderful thought : BE A HERO!

The moment I told myself that I wanna be a hero, the mind started to move in the right direction.

I started to get the positive and do-able action plan in my head. I then decided to relax my mind first and get rid of the guilt of not waking up early.

Secondly, I realized that I have an opportunity. I can run in this freezing cold weather and feel like a hero.

You see, Heroes are those who are willing to go against the tides. When the world is giving reasons and logic to stay curled up in bed or stay indoors sipping coffee, I decided that I will go out and run.

Immediately, I became a person with possibilities. The rest is what I do every day. I removed my warm woolen clothes and put on the running t shirt and shorts.

It felt coldish but it also felt heroic. And I decided to focus on the latter. The more I repeated the heroic image of mine in my mind, the cold kept withering away.

I finally laced up my shoes and moved out. I ran and ran a good 5 k. By the end of the run, when I returned back home, I could see the clouds and the fog melting away.

And I thought,

“I guess, the fog came to turn me into a hero. I am not just a runner but a heroic runner”.

And this is how I began my day: by being a hero. You too have this in you. You have the opportunity right under your feet to feel good about yourself.

I felt good by running. You may have something else that can make you a hero, that can push you against the tides. Be your hero… Let the fog be a metaphor for an adversity and running – a heroic opportunity.


a runner, a fitness enthusiast

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