What is inspiration and who can do this?

Inspiration is like an electric charge that is transmitted from one person to another person.

Having a lot of it from people around me, I have noticed a clear pattern in those who kick my ass…

They are the ones whom I can relate to.  The stories of people who are having almost the same set of challenges are the best inspirers. 

I love to see them removing daily distractions of life to move towards their targets.

This helps me to find the micro steps that are most crucial.

The legends may be doing great things and rocking. But, I know for sure that we are at different planes and it would be absurd to listen to their wisdom.

May be there are among those who stay humble to their core and love to confess their pitfalls.

But, many just grow out of their spaces and leave it for eternity. So, whe they talk, they just talk from their angle. So, no use.

I am telling you this because of one incident. This guy is a runner whom I follow on insta.. He achieved his personal best so far. But, he is deeply upset. He claims that he achieved it with a deep injury in his leg.

He finished the full in less than 3 hrs. I don’t understand his theory and therefore, I can’t relate to him.


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