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The real win comes after losing the game.

Done with my running.πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

Got up at 6:13 am.

Felt bad about that. Felt miserable infact.

After having a cool streak of 31 days, I was thrown off. So, when you get used to success, you will be shaken sometime.

You can’t keep winning all the time, at all the places.

It fills you with guilt. You feel lost as well. You don’t know what went wrong. And you may end up regretting and moaning.

But, the thing gone is gone. You can’t help it now . I was late for my writing today. So, I skipped it.

Got into my shoes and went for running. The thought was not leaving me. Faced difficulty of the mindset.

I waa struggling today. Struggled all through the run with this thought. Of losing

However, I finished my run in 29 min and 57 secs. My target is to do in 30 minutes.

So, I am back into my game. And now, today is a historic day for me:

Going to do 25 push ups on 25 th day. Never in life, I have done this. A challenge that I took up to boost my mental health and say,

suicide is not the solution

Have a good day everyone. The real victory comes after losing the thought of winning and Getting back to the game every time.

That’s the real win. πŸ™Œ



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