The Old man and Me

He generally comes to me for getting his work done.  I was busy at my desk, however,  I spotted him when he arrived.   he entered my chamber and made a request, “Sir! Could you please help?  I need to send some money.” 

I looked up and recognized the gentle old man. I gave a gentle smile and
asked him to be seated.  His failing health, trembling voice, and old age were so much visible. I didn’t want to give him trouble.

While I filled the form and gave it to my staff to do the rest, I asked him about his age.  He looked very old and frail to me.  Maybe in his late 80s.   


The number stumped me.  He was talking with a quiver.  His hands and legs were shaking and had an impaired posture.  

On further probe, I came to know that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease.  Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder. It affects the nervous system, and symptoms become worse over time.  It largely affects the aging population in their 60s  or above.

When I got into a conversation with him, I realized that he was a well-educated man.  He practiced law.  He knew a lot about the history and the politics of the country and the world.  So, I thought of asking him what interests me more! About Health and Fitness.

“Sir, you are old now and you have Parkinson’s. You have the experience
of life.  What do you think should one do to live a better quality of


The gentle old man said that we need to think positive.  “Positive thoughts bring hope and create possibilities.  On the other hand, if you are a person who is negative, then, you will be living in fear and have insecurities.”  

“For finding good health and maintaining it, you must be willing to look beyond the present and look at the possibilities.  This keeps one mentally fit and joyful.  It helps to ward off stress and gives good sleep at night.” 

“These days people are more stressed because people think a lot and they are always finding fault with either themselves or the world.  They neither trust themselves or the world.  They live with insecurities amidst the material abundance.”  

“Finding a spiritual path can help one to connect with the deeper self and bring positivity in life.  Not everything has to make sense then and there.  Leave the things as they are and go about doing your bit.”

As Bob Proctor says, “Thoughts are things”.  Therefore watch out for what you think.  Your thinking will decide your health and well being to a large extent.  


The gentle old man suffers from a movement disorder.  He is unable to sit or walk with the right posture.  He however has been advised by the doctor to keep himself on the move and keep himself mentally occupied.

He said, “Keeping our self physically active has become a challenge.  Almost everything these days is available at the click of a button.  You name it and you have it in no time.”

“We live in a materially prosperous age.  But our body needs movement.  We need to move ourselves to have good heart health.  We need to move to keep our muscles well-toned and in shape. However, we are leading sedentary lives.”

He further explained, “Living every day without much physical activity is like a death warrant being issued.  You are soon going to cripple yourself with physical disabilities.  Your bones will become brittle and you will have a problem in keeping your body intact.”

“You will suffer a lot of issues.  The issues like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Stress these days can be contributed to a large extent to our fault lifestyles.  We have broken the natural law of keeping our body on the move.”

The gentle old man still goes for a morning walk for 2 km every day.  This is part of the Doctor’s prescription for him.  He suggested that we can take up some sports to find joy in it and keep ourselves engaged physically.   I told him I run!


Been a practicing lawyer all his life, he is a walking encyclopedia of all the contemporary national and world events.  He still has a sharp memory and he was able to tell me all that about the 1974 National Emergency!

He still reads newspapers every morning.  So he says, “Keep your learning process going.  Keep your mind engaged in some pursuit.  You may pursue a hobby like reading.  I do a lot of reading.  it gives me joy, knowledge, and keeps me mentally well occupied.”

He is right, I guess.  We have given up our time to browse social media and our smartphones that we hardly have time now to pursue meaningful things like hobbies and interests.  I love to draw and every time I see my child drawing, I feel like sitting beside his and trying my hands.”

Though I was so busy with my work, I am glad I found time to get into this meaningful talk with the gentle old man.  I hope he comes back again and we can talk some more. 

Before he left, he quoted a verse from a Sanskrit text:   

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu niramayah,

Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, maa kaschit bhagbhavet


May all sentient beings are at peace, may no one suffers from an illness,
My all see what is auspicious, may no one suffer.

May all sentient beings are at peace. May no one suffers from an illness. May all see what is auspicious. May no one suffer.

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