The muscles of the mind:

Running has helped me to flex my muscles of the mind.  


Running is the physical exertion.  When you run, you apply the whole of your body to push yourself forward.  Your breathing becomes deeper.  Your blood in the body starts to rush through all the nooks and corners.  There’s an amazing flow the blood and oxygen through the body.  

All the arteries and the veins become the fast lane highways.  And this flight of the body goes and influences the mind too.  Our mind or the mental composition can be left out of the picture.  

When you are pushing yourself through, the mind comes to the aid of the body.  It starts to complement the efforts of the body to bring in more momentum.  I have noticed that I run better and faster and more efficient when I am focus my thoughts on the act of running.

This is why I run all the more.  When I run, I am able to drive my mind away from the hustle and bustle of life.  I raise myself from the mundane living to that of the legend.  

The mind and the body work together.  The mind starts to vacate itself of the unnecessary thoughts and ideas.  By the time, I have run several kilometres; I am able to clean up my mental space of all the toxicity.  I can feel this soon after the run is over.  

In fact, after few kilometres, the magic starts to happen.    

Your running is a rapid movement of the body and the hitting of the toes on the surface of earth actually hits you in a way that your brain chemistry changes.  The scientists have now concluded that running helps the body to produce the amazing chemicals within the body that otherwise you may love to take in the form of intoxicants.  

These chemicals that are produced by the body system by the process of running then changes the whole body and the mind.  These chemicals possess biological strength.

Since I have started to run, I have seen myself change so much physically and mentally, Looking younger and slimmer and fitter are just few of the things that anyone can spot immediately.  But, let me inform that you are just noting the tip of the iceberg.  

The real change happens with your mental status.  

I have crossed the 5000 km mark in running now.  I have run more than 5000 kms since Jan 2018.  And this has been spread evenly over the days, weeks and months and years.  


I have cultivated many great habits in the process.  One of the best outcomes of this journey has been the lesson that you don’t need to eye the results.  The main thing is not the results.  Results are the mere outcomes.  The real thing is to create a system that lets you enjoy your act day after day after day.  

When you eye the results, you lose the fun of what you are doing in the present.  Because when you are focussed on the attainment of goals, you miss all the fun around.  Creating a system that lets you enjoy the actions bring the mindfulness in life.  

For instance, I am more interested in writing this blog piece in determining the impact it will create on the readers. I have enjoyed writing this piece and so, I am amply rewarded by the process.  My reward is not the material results but the internal satisfaction of having taken the action and completed the task.

So, this way I have fully enjoyed and not postponed my happiness to the moment when this blog piece will have the million views.  When that happens it might be just a social validation.  

This way, being inclined towards the inner satisfaction and keeping it detached from the material results that I can talk to people about has resulted in covering a great distance.  This psychology has led me to move from running 2 km once upon a time to the stage of running a marathon.  

And this has been the great discovery of my life.  As a runner, what do you think you have discovered about your life?  Please share in the comments below:     


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2 thoughts on “THE MUSCLES OF THE MIND

  • May 1, 2021 at 9:47 pm

    Very pleased to read into the thoughts of a fellow runner. Only someone who understands the mental zone that a runner enjoys can relate to it. Running changed my life in more ways than one, and continues to do so. The game is all mental, the positive effects that trickle into having a good body and well functioning physiology are just side effects. The main process here is the mental strength that we develop to face life’s challenges.

    • May 1, 2021 at 11:44 pm

      Very true, in fact, our mental health benefits are the bigger outcomes of the physical act of 🏃


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