Only the best things will happen to you

The best thing just happened.

We lead a life of regrets. Why?
Because, we replay the roles in our minds that we just played in our real life.

I was in the habit of living a life of regrets.

I did not get admission into this college.

I could not marry that girl I loved.

I could have been in a job far far better.

*And this is how we use our past to spoil our future by wasting our present.*

I discovered sometime ago a big truth. And that’s how, I became a runner.

I was shunted to a place where I had to live far away from family for a year. I was holed up in a hotel room. And all I had was me and few of my belongings.

And I was highly upset at this posting. To which my mom made a remark. “son, you don’t worry. You may be living far from your family. But, you are not too far”

” *ghee गिरा तो कहाँ गिरा, दाल में ही ना”*

She encouraged me to take it in my stride and live it to the full.

I was new to running. I had not many engagements to commit to as I was away from family. I would now only see them on the weekends.

So, to kill my loneliness, I started to devote all my spare time to running. I would run slow. But, I would run for hours.

And that’s how, I dug into the world of running and *turned my health and fitness into a habit.*

Few months back, when I returned, I had turned my running into an unbreakable habit and a pursuit of excellence.

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