We lead a life of regrets. Why?
Because we keep replaying the roles in our minds that we just played in our real life.

I was in the habit of living a life of regrets. I would keep playing the same sequence of events that troubled me in the past over and over again. Here are few of those BIG regrets that I have had in my life:

I did not get admission into this college of my choice. Ever since I discovered that I could be rich if I could end up in one of the IITs( the premier technology institute of India), I always dreamt of going to IIT. I tried 3 times and failed miserably every time.

I could not marry that girl I loved. I had a beautiful affair with this Bengali girl. But our cast came into direct conflict( People in India merit your cast more than your personality and educational merits!)

I could have been in a job far better than I was. My first decent job was in a Call Centre.

And to tell you what I liked about them was nothing. Because I could only see an ocean of regrets. I could only see the broken and shattered dreams. Your dreams that you see mean the life to you. SO, when they don’t get realized, you grow resentment against them.

And this is how we let our past to spoil our future by wasting our present.

Sanju Runs

I discovered sometime ago a big truth. And that’s how, I became a runner. Running has led my rebirth. It has given me life 2.0. A updated version of my life – far more improved and far more fascinating that has absolutely no place for regrets or resentment.

With experience, you can either grow bitter or better. When you don’t know what to do with the whole load of shit on your head, you are bound to grow bitter. BUt when you find the key secret or when you realize that you have now the whole reservoir of experiences with you to make the right moves in future, you find hop and the eyes brighten up!

This is so because you have found your resources to build you inner kingdom.

I am currently penning my full story in the form of a fictionalized account of a runner. How a man in his mid-life is struck with a crisis and thinks that all is over only to realize that he is just starting to begin his real game of life. And all the magic starts to roll for him she picks up himself every morning from the bed and goes for a run.

We are programmed since our childhood to work for success. No doubt we need to work for finding our vocation, our social circle and for our personal achievements. But we are at the same time programmed to think and dream of success only.

But the social institutions fail to teach us that before you can find success, you need to find a better thing: Happiness. Since we are only focussed on success, any one failing is looked down upon. Those who fail are called losers and they are digraced as well.

This makes the failures and the idea of failing so pitiful. We learn in the process that failing is the worst thing that would ever happens us. When I took up running, I fell in love with the process of running. Ever aspect of running, I found to be immensely intimate to me.

Simply putting my one leg after the other, I could see that I could move several kilometres. I loved the rising sun against the backdrop of green farms and quiet roads. ANd I was running not to gain wealth or health or to impress anyone. I was doing it because it brought me peace for the day.

I noticed that running in the morning made me talk to my customers and the family members politely. I found that my body systems like respiration and digestion became so much better. In the process I realized that I took care of my physical and mental health and it made me feel better.

It made me feel less resentful. I started to grow in my practice of morning runs. I gradually started to search the internet for more information on how to run. And I discovered that an appropriate mental preparation could significantly improve my running.

I was simply in awe of running and therefore I was willing to do anything for the sake of my ability to run better. I was loving the whole process of running. And this all made me forget all my pains, regrets, and resentments about life while I ran. I became so mindful and found myself in the present.

Now, what hell I went through in the day or what the world told or how it treated me was dissolved when I ran in the morning. I could set myself free from all the thoughts that made me feel miserable. I felt powered, full of life and energy.

to be contd.


a runner, a fitness enthusiast

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