I always wondered about a question.

We all went to the same school and college. We all read the same books. We were all taught by the same teachers.

So, what we learned and who taught us and what books we read and scored almost the similar marks, I find a huge contrast in what we all have become today.

I notice that my friend who was a business man has turned into a business man. Many of my friends whose father served in the army have become army officers.

My father wanted me to be in employed in a good company. I am therefore here working in a reputable bank.

So, despite going to the same schools and colleges and having the almost the same kind of education, we are today charting different routes!!

How come?


I believe that the most fundamental education that truly makes us what we become tomorrow is the kind of education that is given to us by our parents. Our parents and our family life has a very big role to play in shaping us and our personalities.

And this is what makes it all the more interesting in the field of fitness.

The parents can play a very decisive role in creating the citizens of the future who would be healthy and fit.

Today morning, I saw that my wife had put 4 trays filled with different types of cereals up for drying in the sun. The single look at them attracted my attention and I clicked the pic. Then, as I do, I shared the same with my friends on social media.

I asked them to name these cereals. Let me confess that I had no idea myself of these cereals. However, I received a good response from my friends. They responded back to me with amazing names of items.

Some were right and some were wrong. Some could identify few correctly. The best part has been the warm response that the post received on the social media.

And I was left to wonder!

Why didn’t I know all these basic cereals. Now these are the cereals that I am consuming on a daily basis. My wife often used the traditional food wisdom at home for foods and nutrition.

And an idea is born today! I will educate my children about the food items. I will tell them about the nutritional value of these foods. I will introduce them to the super foods.

When they would know the exact foods that they need to take to create the wealth of health, they would be able to inculcate the discipline and commit them selves to the cause of fitness and happiness.

The root cause of our harmful food habits is lack of understanding about the food. We consider the food as a source of entertainment and socialization. But above all the purposes the food serves, it is a source of life and good health for us.

Food is so fundamental to our happy living that we can ignore it at our own peril.


a runner, a fitness enthusiast

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