My morning run ritual: mental prep for the 5 k run 🏃‍♂️

Every day I get up in the morning. And I get up to go for a run. Simple, isn’t it!

And I have now been doing this for the last 3 yrs. Consistently.

If someone will ask me, “what did you learn from running close to 5000k at this age?”

I would say, plenty. There are plenty of life lessons that I have found. And I will be sharing with you all in the form of my inspirational books and blogs.

One key element that has made it all possible : consistent work.

And this consistent work is made possible by a key element : *preparation.*

Prep is 80%. Performance is rest 20%.

How you prepare yourself *off the ground* determines the outcome on the ground.

I allow my mind to soak some inspiration and catch the fire before I get on tracks.

I speak to myself and ask this question, why do I go for a run today!

And the answer has been constantly changing…. Rather improving and upgrading itself!!

I started with a very basic reason and premise :

*To improve my health. To lose weight.*

I attained that in the first 10 months of running in 2018!

But I knew that the success won’t last and I would go back to my old ways.

So, I wanted to find a higher reason… And I found that I can be an inspiration for the others!

And later, as I got saturated with the  reason to sparkle in the eyes of the others, I found that I love it so much…

Every day, I step on the tracks and never fail to find some nuggets of wisdom.

Like, today, I got into this conversation with self on “preparation”.

I begin my day with running and emerge victorious running those 5 kilometres.

It’s not easy to find a good reason every day but, I am just getting started with finding the beauty in life and it has all started with my *morning run ritual.*

Talk to yourself like you are talking to a legend and you will never fail to inspire yourself. ✌️

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