Learning from peers : the best training strategy :

Today, Vivek did something outstanding. He ran. But, that’s not the real thing. He ran with consistency for over the past several days.

Did you notice that the group buddies have been pushing themselves and each other.

We tend to think that pros would teach us something that our peers won’t. But, that’s a fallacy.

You won’t learn much from them. The celebrities are already way beyond our levels and we know it do well. So, we keep them levels high and never bother to think of competing or even learning much. We just adore.

But, peers are a different ballgame. We know they are one among us and if they are doing something, they infuse a confidence in us thst we too, me too…

And this seems to be like, all are little left orittle right and they try their guts out to bridge the gap.

The group rocks because we all are same tribe and have similar work life situations….

Keep rocking guys… This is the key to consistency… Keep ourselves glued to each other.

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