Introduction to the Blog

When you have so much to say about a thing, you tend to get frozen. 

You don’t know where to begin. Almost everything comes to the mind rushing. Your is disabled for the time being. 

I have the sane feelings for this thing called – running. 

I have been running for 3 yrs now. In these 3 years, I have run almost every day. My daily run average is 5 km. 

During these 3 years, I graduated from running the 5k park runs to running a full marathon. Coincidentally, I ran my full marathon in my 42 nd year. 

So, I am not a professional runner. Let me confess this to you. I am an amateur runner.  I have also not been a sportsperson for all these years until running hit me home! 

So, what really made me become a runner. 

There are 2 fundamental reasons that I can figure out. The first being the usual one : I was growing bulkier. My body had shot up to 106 kgs. And I was attracting a lot of other physical health problems like piles, eye sight issues. 

The second reason was the consequence of first. I had started to go for morning walks and occasionally to finish the rounds quicker, I would try to run. 

And then, I simply fell in love with running. And gradually running turned into a passion. I started to see the snowballing effects of running over my mind, body and spirit. 

The simple process of putting one foot after the other would help me get over the stress caused due to work-life issues, my identity issues etc. 

I found myself connecting to the process of running at deeper levels with every passing day. And this led me to search everything over the internet and in books about running and runners. 

So, in the last 3 years, I engrossed my self to the process of learning each and everything about running. 

And then one day thought, “when I started to run, I did not even know about running gear or running shoes!”. 

So, I decided that I need to create a platform where I can talk about running and it’s various aspects to get more people running and harness the benefits of running. 

Now, that the idea is in your hand in the form of this blog, I hope it will help you move forward in your running journey. 

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