In the run of life, every km, the strategy changes! My new normal in the times of COVID.

Hope you all are doing fab!

My day today though started on a negative note, is showing up by evening as I sit down to pen this piece and share the story.

Nisha is COVID +ve.  

Last Thursday, she and I went to get ourselves tested.  We took the decision after she continued to complain of fever, body ache, headache, and little cough on and off.  And the fear that this could be the virus came true.  She tested positive.  

However, I came negative.  We underwent the Antigen test.  Not many people trust that.  But in our case, it was quite trustworthy.  We were a little relieved that the kids can stay with me as she would be isolated to another room.

It took me a while to settle down with the sudden change of roles.  In fact, now the role of a daddy and a mommy both fell upon me.  The first thing that I did was to report the matter to my boss.  Soon after, we headed home straight from the hospital.  

The kids were waiting and we had to break the news.  The kids felt upset and I could trace the curved lines on their faces going down after initially spiraling up.  


Handling the kitchen is not an easy job.  At least now that I have been doing the things in the kitchen day in and day out, I know this for sure.  I have often wondered what the ladies did except that they cooked food and took care of kids. HUH BIG DEAL!!

But, now I understand that it is indeed a very big deal.  I have to listen to these dialogues every time I am doing something in the role of their mom, “Mommy did it like this.  She cooked food like this.  She did not forget to give milk to us by this time. She took her time out to look at our drawings.  She sat with us for the meet classes online and helped us through the homework all these days”

I know comparison is the enemy.  But I can’t tell this to the kids.  Right!

I did not know where was kept what and she being sick will not answer all my inquiries politely.  Nor did I think it proper either.  Today was the only day, where I did not throw away the excess lunch outside and wasted the food.  I have cleaned up the fridge and organized it my way as I am there to use it over the next one week. 

Having done some cooking as part of my hotel management degree, it was not that disastrous to cook.  But the kids kept complaining about the tastes and the lack of variety in food.  You see, comparison again!!  

However, today was the day I turned the tables.  I cooked the meals on time and served them on time.  Today, I made everyone nice snacks for and we really enjoyed that first time cooked by me but delicious Rava UPMA.(Thanks to that online lady and her recipe!)


I must accept that my running and morning workout has taken the back seat.  I have not gone out for the morning runs for the past 2 days.  Home chores ranging from cleaning, dusting, cooking, washing clothes to feeding the kids have made me move inside the house like the clock.  Never stopping and always ticking until retired to bed.  

When I get up in the morning and the first thing that I remember is my kitchen.  What to cook?  Getting the green vegetables from the market is a kind of outing these days. 

So, in short, I have not been able to pay attention to myself.  Yes, now I understand that we need to urge our lady of the house and help them to find time for themselves.  They do so much for us.  I would be done with all this in a week or so but they are going to take care of us, the family for life.  So, we need to think a little special about them and give them some privileges at home to enjoy some time by themselves.    

However, tonight I am pretty optimistic that I would be getting the time for my morning run tomorrow.  I have somewhat settled in my temporary role. I have done my preparations for the morning breakfast tomorrow.  All I need to ensure is going to bed early so that I have that VERY early morning run.


It’s just been 5 days cut off from work but I am already missing it.  Bankers have not taken a single day off since the lockdown began.  I thought that I would be happy to get away from the harassing customers for some time on this pretext.  But, guess what the love is deep.  I frantically wanted to get back to work today.  But the kids as soon as they got up, asked, “Daddy, are you going to work?”  but what I really heard was “Dad, please don’t go to work” and So, I did not.

Kudos to the wonderful team at work.  They are managing the show and they have only called me to enquire about Nisha.  However, I did not feel quite alright deep inside. So, I called up and asked about each of them.  And we could schedule a call and talk to each other in the afternoon.  All my team is safe and sound.  All have been tested and their reports are negative.  After talking to them today, I am feeling much better.  

So, in the meantime, there will be days I would be working from home as a makeshift measure.  However, I just cannot look away from work.  Thanks to technology!

Last year I had tested positive and spent 14 days in quarantine.  Therefore, I was much prepared to tackle this situation.  

Hopefully, Nisha should be out of all this as her COVID symptoms have started to wither away.  She is not having much fever, ache or body pain.  But, she is feeling very weak and exhausted at times.  She would need time to get back in shape.  

However, I am sure tomorrow will be better than today!

Every one take care!!


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