Global running day 🏃‍♂️

Today is a global running day. Some years back, the new York road runners started to celebrate and make it a global event.

For a runner, getting a day to himself is a special thing. And like, fathers day, mothers day, valentines day, independence day, the day can be a way to think of the past to shape our future.

So, what are you up to in the coming year.

I am building a vision. And I want to share with you. I dream to make it to Boston.

The dream of Boston to me is like what a 42k would be to a person who just started to complete 5k. And I can recall, how it was for me to complete even 2 kms 2 yrs ago. And that’s what gives me hope and strength. The hope that I can expand further as I don’t know my limits.

My first full marathon took me 5hr :57 Mins. The Boston qualifier needs to do the same in 3hrs.

While, this seems an impossible task today, I am taking a leap of faith to dream BIG.

The warrior wants to see a sparkling star on his flaps now. And he knows that it’s going to be a challenge.

Dreamers live to dream every day and run. 🏃‍♂️

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