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Those who love to run love their clothing and run with Joy.

So, let me take you through some of my experiences first.

3 years ago I started to run.  I had no idea about anything but running.  I was totally new to the world of running.  No one around me ran actually.  There are no running clubs or communities around.  Prefers prefer to have tea/coffee watching news/daily sops sitting on a couch in their spare time.

So, this was not me.  But, as far as the understanding of the running went, I was one among them.  No knowledge what to wear and why?

Runnin is plain simple, right?  You run to catch the bus or metro.  You run to escape from any fast moving vehicle towards you.  You run at your best to escape from a chasing dog.  So, would you ever think differently when you are running?  

So, here I was.  Running in plain simple clothes.  I wore my daily T-Shirt and Shorts.  These were made of cotton.  And I guess that was all I needed.  Initially while I was happy with my walks and little jogs, I even used Polo T-Shirts.  And they were all fine with me.

But, when I started to run for like 5K, I started to observe something glaring at me:

  1.  Hard Earned Sweat:  I was happy with my sweat.  After all, no one but only I can earn it for myself.  But, it was a hell lot of a problem now.  I would sweat profusely. My T-shirt and even the shorts became totally drenched.  

Ouch, my tits would go for a toss.  They would turn red.  And gave me pain. 

Sometimes, I would remove my T-Shirt to run with a bare chest.  I felt such a sense of freedom within and outside as well.  I could avoid the sweat as well as the redness and the silly pain in my tits.  

But was this going to be the only way to stay away from the sweat and the titty pain.  I later learned something that led my tits awake in realisation.  I was chafing in my cotton garments.  

  1.  Discomfort:  

I found discomfort with my shorts too.  Your private parts may be harmed due to an improper quality of your undergarment.  I felt that.  Wearing a tight short was not a good option.  I tried that too.  They left me bruised.  There was a fair amount of sweat built up too.   

  1. My Looks:

While I was running every day, I felt awesome.  But, my clothing did not look awesome.  I would be clicking selfies in long and boring t-shirts.  Just like you love to wear your best and express your feelings through what you wear, I felt my running wear should be trendy too!

These 3 questions led me to ask a very fundamental question.  What should I wear.  Do I have an option available?  

I took to the internet to explore the world of running and what runners wear.  I knew my problems.  All I needed were the answers.  

In a short span of time, i did figure out the appropriate clothing to wear as a runner.  But, it was overwhelming for me.  Going through too many blogs, sites and online stores.  Therefore, I thought it would be an awesome job I can do to write this post.  

So, folks here is what you can do while choosing your running apparels.


Choose the best size for your apparel.  Your T and Shorts should be just the right size to fit.  They would neither be too short and tight or too long.  So, try and check.  Every brand will have their own sizes and standards.   

Chafing Free:  Whether it is for a man or a woman, this problem should not occur.  Chafing is the running of the cotton against our skin.  It causes the affected area to become sore and red.  And the worst part is the pain.  So, Having the right T-shirt will surely help.  

The kind of material you should look for is:  Polyester or Lycra material.  Both are good.  Lycra is certainly better.  It absorbs the sweat and throws it out of the surface immediately.  So, your sweat is removed from the body immediately.   


The running tops are made in such a way that provide maximum ventilation to the body.  They have fine meshing in appropriate areas to take care of the movement of fresh air into the clothing.  

So goes for the Shorts that you wear.  Wear the special running shorts.  They are specially designed to keep your private parts unhampered while running.  Especially for the men, I would say!  


Wear light clothes.  The weight of a running short or a top is far less.  This is another reason for choosing the special running tops.  The light running clothes give you freedom to put all your weight behind running faster and longer.  Imagine the amount of exertion that you can be free from while running 42 kms.  It makes sense, Right!

Now, Let me give your few brands that I are good for running.  They are also priced better.

I have my Sandos from the Tata Mumbai Marathon.  This was given to us for running.  And It was sponsored by ASICS.  ASICS apparels are quite good.  So, you may try them.  I am in love with them.  

The other apparel brand you can try is Decathlon.  Their pricing is super good with their super good running apparels.  And they keep coming up with deep discount offers from time to time.  

I have tried these two.  Do you have any more recommendations?  You are welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments below.  And yea, please do subscribe for more such helpful ideas on running.  

Till my next blog post, keep running.  Because Running is Joy and you deserve to be joyful!. 

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  1. This is ever so helpful for me. I run in yoga pants and a cotton tshirt. I do sweat so much. I will try the brands you recommended. Having more comfort while jogging would be fantastic!

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