Chase your dreams.

Dreams can help achieve what beliefs can’t.

Beliefs are born out of experience. And we cannot expect the world to behave with us.

At 40, all I can say is you will be told times and again that you are not worth. And you will be told this to your deathbed.

So, don’t expect the positive and powerful beliefs to envelop you automatically.

However, I can give you a cute recipe here to develop powerful beliefs : *dream*

Dream whatever you want to be. When you dream, you effortlessly imbibe all the positivity present in the world that remains largely hidden due to this constant demand of proving our worth.

When you dream, you break the boundaries. When you dream, you set up your own benchmarks.

And when you dream, you set out to create new beliefs. You set out to find, discover beliefs and values that can help you realize your dreams.

Dreaming is so much fundamental to our living on earth. Yet, it’s potential is so little known.

What does it take to dream. Bharat Ratna, great scientist and humanist and the former president of India said, ” *dream. And dream big.  If you are dreaming small. You are committing a crime against yourself* .”

Whatever we have achieved as humanity was dreamt once upon a time. Yet, it is so surprisingly true that people are afraid to dream.

I love to dream. I love to be lost in the world of iamginning bigger possibilities. For me dreaming is the best time I am having on earth.

Without my ability to dream, I won’t be complete. People who simply live have lived a half life. To be fully alive and kicking is about getting those crazy ideas that you chase to make them come true.

So dream evry day. And chase your dreams every day.


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