Are you inspired to get up in the morning.

One big reason for people not to get up in the morning is that they don’t feel inspired to get up.

There must be a novel reason for them to look up. A strong sense of purpose for getting up.

Your daily bread is not a good enough reason to make you get up early in the morning with vigour and excitement.

They know how their day is going to be. They know that they have to go to the same old place to work, same set of people to engage with and same old work to do.

The excitement comes when there is an element of adventure. A element of unpredictability. Or something that you would love to look forward to that was not allowing to sleep the last night.

What is that?

How can you find inspiration in your ordinary life?


Jihad on laziness

Jihad on laziness :

Today, I had trouble getting my home gang out in the morning.

They were all asleep at 7 am. I tell you. I am one who has been a lazy bum all his life till he started to hit his late 30s…

We all put alarm clocks the night before. But,, only 20% are able to win the battle of morning.

The first battle of your day : getting out of bed well in time to *serve your body.*

You might wonder if I get up at 4.30. No bro, I don’t. And I won’t suggest you.

My daily dream is to take 7 hrs sleep. I can’t miss on that.

Laziness means not getting up when you shd. Your body needs you to get up and devote some time in mind body charging.

This is what I have come to call: jihad on laziness.

Why are we so lax about our fitness despite knowing a lot about health.

Keep watching the space. Very soon, I will let you know the place that will guide you with practical steps..

Declare jihad on laziness and be fit… Remember,

we often overestimate what we can achieve in a day and underestimate what we can achieve in a year. 🏃‍♂🏃‍♂


Fitness is important.

It’s easy to slip into a easy life style these days. Our age is an age of comforts and luxury. We have come to that stage of evolution in our civilization where everything is available in clicks.

Press a button and you have the thing. Our physical efforts have become zero. We don’t require to move around much. If you have to go to a place, that is just yards away, you still prefer to use a car. God knows why?

But, I also know that reason . It is our our lazy life style. We have come to live in a physically least struggling lifestyle. The absolute availability of things for quick disposal has turned us into lazy bums.

Most of the things that we do today are done in sitting style. You drive a car, in sitting position. You sit and work on the office. When you want to date, you choose a nice place to sit. You sit almost all your time.

This kind of lifestyle is also called sedentary lifestyle.

This has turned you into a sloth. I was a sloth once upon a time. But, that story is a big story. To make my point here, I just want to tell you that you can win your life and get back into your fitness shoes sooner that you think.


You gotta fight your battle!

There is some magic in running. Today, I was not feeling well in the morning. When I got up, I could feel pain on the left part of my body. My left leg was feeling like I should give it rest.

Last night, I had come back from work pretty late. It was 10.15 pm when I entered home. And

by the time I went to bed, it was 12.05 am.

In the morning, I got up at around 7:30 pm. I always want to get up early in the morning. I like to write my daily journal. Its a habit now. So, no matter what time I get up, I get to my desk and write.

Then, I like to get my sons ready. I like to give them bath and get them ready. Its more out of choice than compulsion. I enjoy this activity. And even they do. So, they pull me to bathroom.

I was not exactly feeling like running. But, this is an itch now. I don’t feel good if I don’t go out and run. So, I followed my heart and went out for run.

It was 8:15 am by now. I got into my shoes and headed outside. Getting up from bed to getting outside is a struggle. Every day, I face hurdles. Just like you. You give up. I don’t.

The real battle is not running for the next 40 mind. The real battle is getting to the tracks. Most of us just give up before hitting the tracks.

So, my dear friends, don’t give up your fight. Fight and liberate yourself.



hi, this is Sanjeev. an avid runner. I simply love running today. I am 41. I have started running regularly 2.5 years ago. These 2.5 years have been like a PG course. I learned more about fitness and health. and about myself. than ever before. I became the biggest discovery to myself.

so how did this happen?

On Jan of 1, 2018, I took a resolution:

to run 1800 km. And I did finish it with flying colors. I not only ran 1800 kms but far exceeded it. In the year 2019, I have run more than 1300 km so far. This is September starting.

I became a discovery to myself. In the first place, I never knew I could do it. I have never had a sporting career. I was doing it for keeping myself fit. 1800 was a goal not to achieve. But, to remember, “if you aim at stars, you at least touch the sky”

During this process, I have discovered many gems of wisdom. On health in general. On running in particular. Here I am to share all that and take you on my onward running and “living healthy” journey.