Today, I did not go for a run. I was feeling very heavy and weak at the same time.

Heavy feeling could be due to less sleep or more work.

Weak due to loss in weight. Once upon a time I used to weigh 96 kgs and since then, it’s been dropping… My current wight is 75.1 kgs.

I have now more than a year maintaining it well within the BMI.

But, I felt today that I have been neglecting my other body parts by focusing on running.

Well, that could be the price. But. I want to balance it now. So, I spent my workout time today doing the exercises.

I did breathing exercises. I did exercises that would exert pressure and challenge my biceps and triceps, core muscles and shoulders etc.

I feel that we must foucs on getting a good body. And our sole purpose should be to stay focussed on a body that we can be proud of.

I have mastered the art of running. It’s like, you master one subject out of multiple and specialize in it. But, you would need the knowledge and regular updates in the other fields to supplement your knowledge in that specialized field.

The specialized field becomes your hallmark. Nevertheless, you should never lose sight of the other areas that add value to your whole persona.

So, I have now decided to make a plan to distribute my workout time between running and doing exercises for body image.

I have decided that I will do it in 80/20 format. I would spend the 80 percent time running. But, I would also have the remaining 20 percent time to work on activities like skipping, push ups, pull ups, chin ups, doing crunches etc.

There is a lot more to body exercises to explore than simply run.

I believe that the authentic people love to explore the unchartered territories. And that’s how they discover their new talents and skills. That’s how they reinvent and reimagine their future.



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