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Please give me a few moments of yours to introduce myself to you.

I am a 42 yrs old gentleman.

My life has been an interesting experience on earth so far. I went to school, then college, and then started to work 18 yrs ago.

In my childhood, I was tilted towards academics. I would do everything to impress my teachers and parents. I would even bitch about my friends to my teachers.

Dad was in the defense forces. He joined the Indian Army at age 17 and served for 26 yrs. His life has deeply impressed mine. He still inspires me to this day. He is in heaven right now.

I love food and books. I have read more personal development books than my school, college textbooks combined. Understanding human potential has been the deepest interest of mine.

I love to write. That’s how this blog was born on 31st August 2019.

I have worked in 3 different jobs so far. I am a senior banker now and love my job so much. I love to interact with. A job that does not involve people is a dull job.

Running is what I love these days. It all started in 2018 when I decided to improve my health. I was obese. I weighed 96 kgs(211 lbs). I wanted to do something about my well being desperate.

The turn of events from 2015 onwards totally turned my life. I felt stuck in life. Domestic issues and issues at the workplace, all indicated that I was not enjoying my life at all. I was getting stressed along with obesity.

And then the big tragic event struck that changed me forever. I lost my dad to a fatal stroke. I could not even talk to him before he went silent. He was in a coma for 3 days.

And this left me stumped about my own life. I started to question every minute of my existence and started to search for the purpose and meaning behind them. These were the moments when I felt the loneliest in my life ever.

The sad background of my story led to my runs. During the runs, I would often get immersed in thoughts. The runs turned meditative. They soothed me mentally and physically. I lived in a lodge all alone cut away from my family and therefore running was my only companion. These runs turned mystical as I could fee the presence of my dad while on long runs. The more I ran, the more I spent time with him.

At age 42, I was ready to run a marathon. I love every aspect of running. And I am so much interested in learning every aspect of running in particular and fitness, both mental and physical in general. Through running, I have found a way to philosophize on life and its lessons.

There is a lot of similarity between running a marathon and living a life on earth. You may agree as someone has rightly said much before me:

Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

And so, as of today, I love to run every day. I run an average of 5 km per day and aim to run 1200 to 1800 km in a year. So far, I have completed 4000+ km of running.

Here on this blog, I welcome you! Thank you so much for dropping by. And keep dropping in as and when you like. I share my running experience, my life experience, and interesting nuggets from the world of fitness and health.

Get in touch!

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