A common sense approach to living amazingly fit life.

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Fitness is a industry. And so there is everything that you can afford to imagine.

But, being fit is something that is as free a choice as air that we breathe..

All you need to do is make that choice.

What do you imagine when you make your health as no 1 new year resolution.

Gyms, memberships, parks, grounds, dead lifts, painful crunches, expenses on attires, shoes, etc. And to top it all the precious time that you will require.

But guess what, you don’t need any of you don’t want or don’t have time or don’t have the resourcefulness to afford.

And these are few steps :

1. *Pick up a healthy lifestyle.*

    a. First timings first : start with postures. Sit, stand, and lie down in positions that do not damage or impact your bones and muscles.

b. Get away from sofa, cushy chairs and cultivate the practice of sitting and squatting. In short I can say, be *more indian.*

c. Drink *plenty of water* evry day. Start with a glass of warm water in the morning.

d. Make healthy choices at malls, office buildings, and residential complexes : *use more stairs.*

e. Sleep well at night. A good night sleep with sweet dreams. Haleluiah..

2. *Eat well* : you don’t need to eat specialized and highly nutirtious fruits and vegetables. Just keep a thumb rule : *Eat what is locally and seasonally available* .

This will ensure freshness and high nutritional value.

3. *Declutter your spaces* : be it your living room. Your office work station, or even your bed room.

Can explain more about hygiene than the current scenario on earth.

4. *Declutter your mind :* studies reveal that mental issues lead to impairment of vital biological functions in our body. So, *keep you life as simplified as you can.*  just keep the essentials in life.

Like reduce following too many social networks, reading too much on the net.

I am telling you this because when I set out to reach my targets on a daily basis, these simple things are what I incorporated that made my running ultra focused and highly enjoyable.

*I applied common sense approach. And it works guys.*


a runner, a fitness enthusiast

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