Writing is a process of thinking.  You write as you think.  Thus, you can say that writing is a thought process.  

And I am getting better at it with time.  I started this site one year ago.  The purpose of starting the blog was to just share the excitement that I derived from running.  

When I go for a run, my mind starts to get ignited.  I start to get a whole gamut of ideas.  These ideas relate to my fitness, my well being, my self care etc.  There are deeply philosophical thoughts that I get immersed in sometimes.  

It seems to me that the truth is revealed! 

And this was the base to start this blog.  To share my passion and transmit the energy to you.  But starting a blog is just an implementation of a noble idea.  Keeping at it altogether a different ball game.

Let us explore a few ideas on writing your blog.  

 Stick with your Vision

Write your vision on paper and paste it or hang it somewhere you can see that vision every time you sit down to write your new post.  This will inspire you.  This will tell your mind to move your writing in the direction of your passion.

I have now converted my vision into my blog tagline, “The Joy of Running” .  I have revised it.  Prior to this, it was “Sharing the excitement of running”.  

Your vision will evolve over time.

The only thing that you must focus on is writing.( Simple, Right!)

People start their blogs for several reasons.  They want to build their brand, market their own products or sell the products of others through affiliate marketing.  There are more material reasons for starting a blog.  

But, you need to remember that your writing must create an influence over others for them to come back to your site.  And this is only possible if you work on your writing.  So, just keep writing.  

Several times you might feel confused and check with yourself if you are doing the right stuff on your site.  If you are writing the right stuff for the people.  

I have gone through several blogs doling out hundreds of suggestions.  They would ask you to do SEO on your site.  But, the only one advice that I would give you as a blogger is just keep writing.    

You may not write the right stuff, the most elegant copy.  However, the business of writing is learned by writing.  Your blog once published may not be the perfect one.  You may want to visit it at a later time and do a lot of changes.  

But, never lose time writing today and publishing as soon as possible.  Your blog is your creative space.  You possess the full copyrights to that.  

 Work on getting content on your blog, and not traffic. (One step at a time) 

All blogs that are created and those that succeed in building its subscribers base over time has one thing in common.  Content.  So write good content.  Keep revising your content.  And you will keep getting better.

Who decides if your content is good.( Don’t Compare yourself with others)

It is a natural tendency to write with our readers in mind.  But guess what I want to tell you:  This is bull crap.  If you are writing to impress your readers, you will lead a life of a frustrated blogger after some time. 

Don’t write to create an impression.  Write to create an impact.  Write to create value for others.  But, the first thing that you must do is write for your self-expression.   Each one of us are different.  And therefore we can write the same stuff that’s available on the internet zillion times in one more new way:  Our own unique way.  

 Choose to write with your experience and not just knowledge.(Stories Matter)

All of us know what running is about.  If I asked you to run, I am sure you will get that.  I share my personal journey as a runner and share my pains and joys.  And that’s what gives me the high of writing and expressing myself.  

Always remember that your blog is your personal writing space first.  It is like your diary.  And then, it is there for the readers!! 

I don’t want to give you the corporate kind of preaching that I need to keep the reader at the centre of my writing.  And I have a reason to do so.

I am also a human being like my reader.  My honest confessions to my readers would help them relate to their own set of issues.  And this is what I want through my writing a blog.  

I want the life of my reader to change.  I want them to feel the difference over time.  So, I may not want to agree with them initially. 


a runner, a fitness enthusiast


  • September 25, 2020 at 11:29 am

    This is fantastic insight. As I write, I often think about what the reader might be interested in the most. You are right, let the writing flow and be transparent. I think people can relate better if we write who we are and what we personally experience.


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