The cold morning

Tough it is, to get up in the cold morning.

When the world is asleep and you too, but there is that runner mind that wakes you up right at the time when the alarm is about to go off..

Well, you are nicely cuddled up in the bed. It is fully feeling so damn good just being there. And I wish, this should never end.

But, do I control the world. The time just goes like that… Every day I tell myself, “not today. Let’s not do it today. But, for sure tomorrow.”

” not today, becos it’s too cold. Not today, I am very tired. Not today, because, I am feeling so damn good”

There is nothing that I need at this moment. I just want to stay asleep for few more minutes. For may be few more hours if possible.

The conversations just goes like this every morning. Day after day, week after week, month after month and then, year after years..

Until, I discovered that the joy, the peace, the amazingness lied outside.

The amazingness laid in waking up each morning early when the world is still sleepy and starting my day.

The joy laid in putting on my shoes and going out and shaking hands and hugging the rising sun.

The true feeling of joy is when the first rays of the sun touches your lips and you feel that “kissing” of the nature.

Running has made me wake up to the life an dthe myriad opportunities and the wonderful gifts life has to offer.

I now get up, not just simply to run. I wake up to the beautiful world and devour that. I listen to the lovely songs that I found no time to. I read a book that I loved to. Or I simply sit in my drawing room with myself and dream with open eyes for the day.

Our dreams are realized when we are fully awake and active.

I guess, this is the journey that I always wanted to be on. Because, when it’s 7 am in the morning, I am without regrets for the day.

I am with energy and enthusiasm. I am with a victory in my life. The first victorious step to living like a legend.

Who says, you only run. Your Life also gets on run and your life runs too….


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