Why do we not continue?

Why do we not continue.

If you ever wondered or even felt frustrated because you could not keep up your new year resolution to stay fit,

Then, you are gonna love this.

Wonder why we don’t stick to what we tell ourselves.

I found the answer while working at my desk with banking customers.

Customers don’t stick to their savings or investments. They come to me to start a SIP of 10k. They will do it for few months, probably for few years and then, there would be done crisis and they will pull it all out in one shot.

The problem is that our actions are not comensuraye with our thoughts.

We act as we think. Since our thoughts keep changing with changing emotions, we change the ways we act.

So, to put concrete actions in place, we need to have a concrete thought process. A stable one.

I have found few things thst gives stability to my thoughts. And they last.

Start with very very small action plans. Like, if you wish to attain a regular running routine … Break these 3 words into 3 goals


Think, you gotta run… Doesn’t matter 200 mts, 2 km or 20 km.

What is important is regularity. So, keep a goal that is pretty easy… So if on dome day, you are not having time to run 5k, even 500 mts is good, because, it’s going to keep you regular . If you ran 500 mts on the day, you had to catch flight at 4:30 am in the morning, you just nailed a fabulous performance.

Your running and regularity should be a part of your routine.. Like brushing your teeth, eating lunch, taking bath…so, organize your time in way that it appears as part and parcel of living.

You don’t need to think that you are doing an extraordinary thing to pull it off.. Well, you will have days to feel like a hero.

We can do justoce to our new year resolutions when we have Master the process of thinking.

The way you will talk to yourself is the most crucial thing.

Most of us are always having the conscious mind to think of the world, the people who inhabit.

I started running when I was at the nadir of losing faith in humanity. And I guess, thats the best thing that happened to me.

I broke away the chains that always kept me away from pursuing what I loved.

Now, I am least bothered whether you are giving a thumps up to me or pushing it out of delete…

But, I know, you read this far, so you care for what I say.. Thank you do much… My faith in humanity is restored. But, I am changed person… And I want you to change… For the betterment of your body and the mind… In life…


How I ran in 2019

For the year 2019, I can say, “wow! What a year.”

I saw my self running a total of 1876.1 km. This is the tally that I built I ran over a span of 1 year. These 365 days saw me do a lot of things that I had never done before. So, let’s talk about them.


My morning have see a big boost of productivity. I got up every day with passion. I will open my eyes to a wonderful day telling myself, “I will do this much of running”. And that thought of going out in the rising sun filled me with pride.

I felt like an athlete. A professional one. This is the attitude I can say. I would get up, get my morning ablution done. Then, I would change myself into a running gear.

This running gear gives me a sense of exclusivity. I feel like I am something different. While others are still rolling from left to right in their pajamas under the bed, I am transformed into a man with a purpose.