Play a sport of you want adventure in life forever :

Sports can transform you way beyond your imagination. The art of living an adventure every day brings us in direct contact with our own capacities. It checks us, test us and pushes us and

Tune into present : I simply love them and adore them.  And I love the spirit of sports these days.

Just back from racing at India’s biggest marathon extravaganza, I am today a more fulfilled and a happy person.

All credit to my new year resolution that I took and started to work on 1st Jan 2018.

When I was going down in life and the work and the general challenges were bogging me down, one day, I simply thought of this. “why not get up in the early morning and get some fresh air”

The morning sunrise always gave me hope. Do, while I losing all of it, I came up with the idea. The idea to just walk and feel good.

Walking gave me some kind of meditative kick. I could feel that 15-20 minutes of strolling left me with hope and energy.

This hope, the vibes of positivity and the feeling of good Ness are like drugs. Once you get them, you try to hunt them there again and again.

So, walking slowly, very slowly led me to dig into running. To feel better. To feel the high. Graduating from walking to running provided better kicks and more positivity.

But, the body was still fragile. Years of lethargy and unscientific food habits and erratic lifestyle had taken their toll on me.

I was having BP as well as piles. My eyesight had become weaker due to prolonged working in graveyard shifts at the call centre.

I was in typical late 30s when I started to understand that, “happiness is not just the state of mind, but also the status of body”.

This got me started into reading, googling, youtubing and reflecting on my life and its style of living.  I started my learning streaks.

I realized, I wasn’t too late. I could still do it. I had not polluter my body. I had not touched a cigarette bud or the bottle of vodka so far.. So the lungs and the liver were intact.

The magnetic pull of running endured my attendance on tracks almost everyday. I finished 1800 km in 2018. Then, repeated the same in 2019.

Back to back and Injury free. The immense progress witness on the field led me to repair my sagging spirits.

I found my smile back. I became more heart warming and well tempered.

Not only for myself, but for others as well. I took a leap of faith. I started to help others with their health issues.

Now, I am so much better off and richer in my life than I was just 2 years ago. _My love for sport has just begun_ .

By sanju

a runner, a fitness enthusiast

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