Proper feet care from blisters:

Proper feet care is important. Here, you can see a Pic with blisters born out of running.

Taking proper feet care should be one of the priority of a runner. Running with blisters is not a good idea. I am sure you agree.

So, here are some top tips to ensure smooth running.

1. Keep your feet clean.
2. Use tepid warm water to wash them once in a day. It provides massage as well.
3. Keep them dry. So, you should make sure what kind of socks you are wearing. What kind of shoes you are using.
4. Shoes: your shoes must have a proper Ventilation system. It should be airy. Running shoes come with excellent meshing in the front portion.

But, don’t discount this even when you are not running. Like, during your office hours. Select shoes that are not suffocating or too tight.

5. Socks: does your socks stink? Are you using the sane set over and over again. Then, think twice from today. The germs may populate and spoil your feet.

Use cotton socks instead of polyesters. Cotton keeps your feet dry and non stinky.

Running socks can be used for long distance running. But, compulsory.

Manage your feet well. A good runner needs to stay away from injuries to run long and at lightening pace.

Massaging them occasionally will also provide a lot of relief and comfort to your feet.

By sanju

a runner, a fitness enthusiast

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