Is about endurance. endurance means to continue.

May be you would love to know how i got the idea to run. Back in those days, I was very disturbed… Mentally.

I was kind of depressed within. I did not feel the excitement that I used to some years ago in college..

The excitement is life was dying its slow death. Everything around seemed to be monotonous… Same work, same life, same problems.

But, you don’t actually get anywhere until you hit the rock bottom.

I am lucky I hit the rock bottom somewhere in 2017. I found the world against, for multiple reasons.

When you are at a breaking point, you may diverge into either…

You become bitter or You become better.

I am glad, I went to KV, had a secular social culture and global values to live with.

I told my self, I want to love this world. I asked myself, what if can stop complaining. Is that possible.

So, I started a reverse process. I wanted to take in and see how much and how long, I can restrain from reacting to the world…

Inshort, endurance..

Most of our problems in our lives are due to our reactions.

Impulsive, indecisive… As the nature is of most reactions. Hating, jealousy, gossiping… All are reactions..

Stop giving reactions. When you stop that. First and foremost thing that happens is you kill your Energy vampires .

You save a lot of your energy.
And as I started to save energy, I felt that inner reservoir getting filled with lots of positivity.

You don’t need a fit body or a fit mind to start. Just a reason… My reason is to see how far I can go…

And I guess, I have just begun🏃‍♂🏃‍♂🏃‍♂

By sanju

a runner, a fitness enthusiast

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