How I learnt that it’s about process and not results.

It’s tricky but ask yourself.  You lose you battle there in the mind.

This is how I created my running plans:

You commit yourself to do something about it. But, you keep failing again and again. Guess, why?

You lose your fitness battle because you fail to see the results. Our mind is groomed that way since our childhood. *Chase the results.*

But, this is a faulty way to look at your life. Rather than being result oriented, I discovered that I need to *be process oriented.*

When you are result oriented, you would want every tiny action to produce a result. And you expect the result should be considerable and noticeable.

Imagine, you are new to your fitness regimen, you still don’t know how the mind and the body are going to respond to the exercises. The activity you might have chosen may not be the perfect fit for your body.

In such a case, the primary task should be to take stock of our strengths and weaknesses. And then, work on them to the best of our advantage.

I have many runners around me who got into the act of running to lose weight. But, they got injured in the process. Or they are still struggling to run consistently. So, they think that running is not going to happen to them.

Rather than looking at our weighing scales every now and then, we must learn the basics. It’s like learning the alphabets well to be able to read and write.

This is what I did. I read a lot of stuff on the internet and concluded that I am confusing myself by reading. It is not doing any good. So, I decided to experiment and make my own notes.

I started a small diary in which I would note:

– how I ran
– how much I ran
-how many km
– what observations I could find new

This way, I was not bothered about scoring PB s or PR s. I was fully focused on my running style and how I felt. I did not bother to look at the watch. Or the distance. My notes were for analytical observations.

I told myself that I would hit the tracks first thing in the morning. And I did this diligently. I made it my goal to do some running every day. Be it a km or a good 5 km.

The first thing that I worked upon was *regularity* .  Being regular despite all the limitations. Whether I am coming late from office or I am going for running very early because that day I will be traveling. Or just doing the rounds of my house for 30 Mins.

Sometimes, I fell sick too. On those days, I would drag myself out and do some walking. I did not let any of my designated days to reflect zero effort. I ensured that I can give my attendance on running ground every day.

I realized that if I did just a km every day, I would have run 360 km. This is sheer regularity. No talent required.

So, if I just put in some more efforts, I would do better. When you start to see the path to walk on to reach your destination, you are more willing to continue your struggle. Then, you don’t want to see the result. Your daily grind becomes your goal. Does not it sound more convincing.

To ensure, I could run regularly even for a km on those crucial days, I started to put plans :

– for my diet
– for my day work
– for my wake up time

These 3 are important. But, I did not start with them from day 1. I allowed complete flexibity to myself.

Even if I woke up at 8 am, I would go and run. On Sundays and weekends and holidays, I have in the noon because I would wake up only by 9.

For diet, I started to follow one principle : follow an inverted triangle style of eating. Eat the heaviest meal in the morning and the ligtest meal in the evening. Simple, I am not asking you to eat this or that. I just brought discipline to my eating style. I did not change the content. It took me a very sincere effort to bring it into daily ritual. But, I won over it for the love of running that I was slowly developing.

I have up munching social media. Or watching TV till late hours. It was doing no good. It was just a bad addiction.

After a light evening meal, I went for a walk and came back and within minutes, I would fall asleep.

I started to see change in my circadian rhythms. It became more synchronized. The body and the mind started to come together and just work in one direction : running.

By now, you must have felt that learning to run is not about having the ocean of knowledge inside the head, it’s about taking action and accepting being imperfect or ordinary.

Just do one thing, forget your goals for the time being and enjoy running or doing any physical activity that you love. And tell me your response to my take

By sanju

a runner, a fitness enthusiast

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