Journal Entry No 304

I have today finished my October Running. Against a score of 100.3 km last month, I ran 143.6 km. I am feeling good about it.

So, let us dissect it and find some pearls of wisdom. I run for a duration of 35 minutes every day. Plus or minus 10 mins. This time is good enough for me to cover 5 km at a very comfortable pace.

I get up in the morning and do my running. Are you also a morning person? Guess what, Morning is the best time to run. You have the sun rising on the one side and the world waking up on another. And you are running with joy.

In the morning, you have the privilege to run on empty roads. There is no traffic and the world is still very much asleep. Won’t you enjoy such a scene that soon coverts into chaos? The stillness of the morning stays with you for the rest of the say.

So far for this year, I have run 1522.5 km. I have a target of running 1800 km for the year. I am pretty satisfied with my running and October month has been really rewarding. I did not suffer any illness.

By sanju

a runner, a fitness enthusiast

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