Running Memories

I have a marathon coming up soon. As the days approach, I think of the event at least once in a day. It’s important. To run, I need to prepare. Reminding the self about the event provides me the time and energy to prepare for the event well.

Last year, I ran my first 21K. I must tell that it was one of a kind event that I faced after a long long time. Before the event, I felt the same kind of anxiety and it gave me similar goosebumps that I would get before the examination day years ago when I was studying in college.

21 K is also called Half-Marathon. To be precise, it is 21.097 km. This is half the distance of a full marathon. Running a marathon was never my dream. I started to run because I loved it. I loved it so much that I got immersed in it and started to scale up quite rapidly.

Before I ran my maiden 21 K, I had been in under good preparedness. I was running almost daily and chasing a gigantic target of covering 1800 km. At the time that I applied for the event, I was closing 1200 km. So, my confidence was pretty high. Still, I had never done it and I was so much absorbed in the preparation. Running a distance of 21 km was something that I had never done in my life.

I ran my 21K without knowing an A,B.C of how to prepare. All that running that I had done was self-training. Still, I was pretty sure that I will do well. I had done well so far in my daily running. I was just so much confident. It was like a smoldering fire within me to prove now to the world.

My Maiden Running Record:

Not bad. This is what I felt post the event. Throughout the event, I was so excited that I can not express in words. The only feeling was that of thanking the almighty for making me so capable to run and enjoy the feeling of running. I felt that “Magic of the move-ment“.

The Army Col (who is a kind of my Mentor) had instructed me to have a good night’s sleep and keep myself hydrated. I made sure that I drink a lot of water. But, I was unable to sleep with full peace as the next day anxiety was building on. But, I am thankful for the wonderful support that my partner provided. Even my kids accompanied me to the venue at 3:00 am in the morning. They really made me push harder.

So far, I have run 3 21Ks and now I am going for a full Marathon very soon. I wish I could run a marathon every single month. Maybe I am going to do that in the future. For the time being, my focus area is to crush 42K with a good margin. I have qualified to run in the first wave. My qualifying score a better one. Under 2.

I am looking forward to doing better. Nevertheless, my intent is on Running. That’s the biggest reward that I get every cadence I take to run.

If you have run any marathon, 21K, 10K, 5K please share how you felt about your maiden running event?

By sanju

a runner, a fitness enthusiast

4 replies on “Running Memories”

Hi, I can understand how you feel about running your first half marathon. I have run at least 10 half marathons now, since 2017. They are always memorable. If you are interested, you can go to my blog and read why I took up running.

I intend to try for a marathon in the future. For now, I have signed up for a 32 km race, in preparation for the marathon. That is coming up in two weeks’ time!

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