Use of battle field theory in daily struggle.

I must share with you.

This is how introduced a concept in my life from military. The concept of fighting a war.

I first introduced the concept while I started to run. The principles that I have used in developing my self as a runner are immensely usef for the daily living.

Let me give you an example. When I would go for a run, I hardly expected myself to the situations to be in my favor. Just as in war, you are up against an enemy, your battle in running is against an insider – your MIND. The mind that is not going to support you.

Because, you have never come across the challenges that you are going to face. It’s something like a war. Your situation is highly unpredictable. In our daily life, we work on the basis of predictability. If things fall in place as per the expectations, we rejoice. But, if they don’t you are upset and stressed. But, imagine your scenario in a battlefield, you expect the unexpected.

This is the first principle of a warrior. He is all prepared to put a assault on the enemy. He has trained himself and armed himself to the fullest. But, he knows that he may go down anytime. So, his focus is to do his best to survive. So, his movements are aligned to keep him safe. Only if he survives, would he be able to win. So, the second principle I used while running, to be safe and pushed myself only to such an extent that he can run another day.

By sanju

a runner, a fitness enthusiast

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