hi, this is Sanjeev. an avid runner. I simply love running today. I am 41. I have started running regularly 2.5 years ago. These 2.5 years have been like a PG course. I learned more about fitness and health. and about myself. than ever before. I became the biggest discovery to myself.

so how did this happen?

On Jan of 1, 2018, I took a resolution:

to run 1800 km. And I did finish it with flying colors. I not only ran 1800 kms but far exceeded it. In the year 2019, I have run more than 1300 km so far. This is September starting.

I became a discovery to myself. In the first place, I never knew I could do it. I have never had a sporting career. I was doing it for keeping myself fit. 1800 was a goal not to achieve. But, to remember, “if you aim at stars, you at least touch the sky”

During this process, I have discovered many gems of wisdom. On health in general. On running in particular. Here I am to share all that and take you on my onward running and “living healthy” journey.

By sanju

a runner, a fitness enthusiast

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