#101 – 5 Acts of Self Love to feel Happy in Life

This post is non-running post. It is about happiness.

I feel happy when I have spent time with myself.

I love the time that I am able to set aside and spend on myself. Being a father and a banker, it is not easy to get the time for self.

As I am an employee, I can be called upon duty on any day. There is not a very clear demarcation between work-life and personal life. And I blame it on the corporate culture and the industrial revolution. But, at the end of the day, I am a part of this. This is where my bread and the butter come from! So, I chalk out time for myself. Despite being a father and a family man and a full-time banker, I think it’s possible to spare few hours every day on myself.

Here are few tips for the people who would like to spare some time and love themselves and take care of themselves:

Wake up early in the morning.

Your morning time is yours. You can do anything and everything that you think you are born to do.

Have a glass of warm water in the morning:

When you wake-up, begin your day with a warm glass of water to kick start the metabolism in your body.

Spend 30 minutes alone.

Your mind is blank. This is the best time to pour positivity. It will go the fastest and the easiest way possible. You may listen to music, watch an inspirational video or read a book. And if you are a writer like me, you may write your thoughts. This blog is the result of morning writing. Writing is a meditation for me!

Move your body.

The research has the evidence to state that physical exercise can help us live a happy life. Our body needs exercise. An exercise is a form of diet for the body. It’s good nutrition. So, feed it.

I am a runner. I am now running for the last 3 years. I started with running a target of 2 km a day. I now normally run for 5 Kms. And Running has turned into a passion for me. So much so that I am now a marathon runner. And as you can see in this blog, the joy and the happiness that I derive from the process of running have made me a happy soul.

Have a good breakfast.

Ok, I am not suggesting you live to eat. But, you must begin your day with heavy meals. Have the best and the most nutritious food items on your plate. And have it slowly. Don’t rush. Include seasonal fruits, salads, cereals, millets, etc. Having spent some quality time with yourself will make you inert to the world’s worries. You may see them with a lot more energy within and therefore, you will be able to turn the problems into challenges and find their solutions.

When you are happy, the world is a happy place to live. When you are happy, you will give happiness to friends and family members.


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